What kind of cars do you race Nick drives Stick (not Stig)? A Formula One car or anything else you might watch on tv drives very different than a spec e30 and the technique looks very different. As does the technique to race rally. Or shifter karts. And that spec e30 is 4.0 turns lock to lock. When was the last time… » 12/04/14 4:51am 12/04/14 4:51am

"Haterz are quick to point out the fact that she's married to Toto Wolff, the executive director for the Mercedes F1 team." and "Admittedly, Susie Wolff's resume of past DTM, Formula 3 and Formula Renault results is not very good."

Hopefully she makes it and drives in F1 as its every driver's dream - man or woman. I… » 11/28/14 2:50pm 11/28/14 2:50pm

Great looking car. I didn't realize those weren't the exact same bunny rocket fenders on every FRS at SEMA. The mirrors are genius, but after that, its seems more like a cool graphics package and you chose some nice wheels.

I would take Crawford's BRZ that was at SEMA last year. 500hp and faster than any other street… » 10/31/14 7:49am 10/31/14 7:49am

There have been a bunch of press releases back when I optioned my rights. (its Caswell btw, Im locked out of my personal account for now so using Build Race Party). The script is complete and sounds awesome. The project is funded. Renner is playing me and I hear they have a director. I was told they start filming… » 10/22/14 3:15pm 10/22/14 3:15pm

Rally School Open House This Saturday

Ever wanted to ride in a rally car? This Saturday is your chance if you're within driving distance of the Team Oneil Rally School in Dalton, New Hampshire. They are hosting an open house complete with rides by the instructors in the school cars.

Also free manual transmission lessons for beginners (in their cars of… » 10/08/14 3:45pm 10/08/14 3:45pm

The best part of the press release was that at the bottom. After all this non sense about 7 pairs of boots cause 7 seats and supermodel and other hype, it finishes with a sentence that simply reads:

"On 3rd September Land Rover announced its Galactic Discovery competition to send a group of four people to Space."

So… » 10/02/14 3:17pm 10/02/14 3:17pm

Robb Holland Jumps at the Knockhill Circuit!

This is Robb Holland attacking Knockhill circuit during BTCC practice this weekend. Robb is the first American in decades to compete in the British Touring Car Championship and I think is the first American to ever run the full the season. He's definitely the first American to score points in the BTCC since the great… » 8/24/14 5:42pm 8/24/14 5:42pm

Tudor Race at Road America: Action Express earns its third win of the…

Action Express drivers Christian Fittipaldi and Joao Barbosa powered the No. 5 Corvette Daytona Prototype to their third overall race win of the Continental Tire Road Race Showcase at Road America, part of the 2014 Tudor United Sports Car Championship, stretching their points lead. » 8/12/14 11:54am 8/12/14 11:54am

"Lost a wheel...so I deployed the passenger side wing"

Obviously the passenger side door won't keep the right side in the air but it would be cool if it did!

And while we are joking about the wing being a door, this is actually a result of the serious accident at the Spa 24hr last weekend that sent a driver to the hospital. He was later released and is apparently doing… » 8/05/14 12:08am 8/05/14 12:08am

24hrs of Spa and The Brickyard Grand Prix

Last weekend was awesome for motorsport fans. The 24hrs of Spa was going on in Belgium and the Brickyard Grand Prix was taking place at the Indianapolis Motorspeedway. Build Race Party was at both events and had great time documenting the two races and meeting some of the teams in person.

Below are a some pictures of… » 8/01/14 12:09pm 8/01/14 12:09pm

Shifter Karts and Electric Cars Invade Laguna Seca

A little over a week ago Laguna Seca hosted shifter kart racing and the all electric Refuel time trial on the same weekend! Michael Korody pictured above and Michael Bream pictured below had great days on the track.

Korody finished 2nd in the support race and 4th in the main race driving a Tony Kart while Michael… » 7/29/14 3:16pm 7/29/14 3:16pm