This Is the BRZ/FRS Turbo Kit You Have Been Looking For!

The BRZ/FRS is a fun little car but let’s face the facts, it’s slow. Subaru should have made a turbo version but they didn’t. Instead, Crawford Performance developed a ridiculously fast kit called the “Plus 300” which makes 500hp/550tq on E85 (Slightly less on pump gas). But it’s bit pricey at $7,995 plus options… »8/18/15 2:03pm8/18/15 2:03pm


My First a Volunteer - Idaho 2010

I have wanted to rally for a very long time. When I was younger, I used to watch the WRC coverage on TV every chance I could. I even went so far as considering building a car in 2004 When I knew crap about cars. Instead I slowly rose to the occasion. It took a friend, Pete, to catalyze my rally life by bringing me… »4/07/15 2:17pm4/07/15 2:17pm

How Many Cars Is Too Many?

We love cars. It's why we read Jalopnik. We are car people. But how many cars is too many? Most of us have owned less than 10 cars in our life. Others seem to swap thru cars like random movies on Netflix - Doug DeMuro, we are looking at you man! Generally speaking, the more cars you have owned, the more you learn… »3/10/15 8:31pm3/10/15 8:31pm

Frozen Rush Moves Mountains To Race

Red Bull Frozen Rush is an event unlike any other. 900 horsepower Pro 4 trucks are no stranger to short-course racing throughout the Midwest and southwestern regions of America, but they're not especially prominent in places like New England—nor had they ever run on snow until two years ago, when Red Bull's Pete… »3/05/15 4:17pm3/05/15 4:17pm

100 Acre Woods Rally

60 rally teams showed up to contest the National and Regional classes at the 100 Acre Woods Rally in central Missouri last weekend. Because it's late February, the weather was mess. Six inches of snow showed up out of nowhere and it got so ridiculous that some of the final stages were canceled.

Obviously David Higgins
»3/04/15 12:06pm3/04/15 12:06pm

Rally Competitors… Where did they all go?

With less than one week until Round 2 of the 2015 Rally America National Championship, Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, we look at the entry list and notice quite a few well known names in the sport are missing. Names such as Chris Duplessis, William Bacon, Travis Hansen, Evan Cline, Dillon VanWay, Matthew Johnson and… »2/25/15 1:07pm2/25/15 1:07pm

Rally Interview: Matthew Conte before 100 Acre Woods 2015

The 100 Acre Woods Rally takes place next weekend(Feb 27-28) in Salem, Missouri and 64 teams have signed up for the race. David Higgins and the Subaru team will likely win – now that Ken Block can no longer make the event. But there will be some amazing battles throughout the rest of the field and rally becomes so… »2/24/15 5:32pm2/24/15 5:32pm

The Frozen Show: A Photographer’s Frozen Rush and NAIAS Road Trip

Unless you spent the last year trapped in a cave by the polar vortex you've undoubtedly heard about Red Bull Frozen Rush and the North American International Auto Show. These two staples of the North American winter months are fairly different events, one involves Pro 4 trucks racing through the snow and the other is… »2/05/15 3:05pm2/05/15 3:05pm

Rally School Open House This Saturday

Ever wanted to ride in a rally car? This Saturday is your chance if you're within driving distance of the Team Oneil Rally School in Dalton, New Hampshire. They are hosting an open house complete with rides by the instructors in the school cars.

Also free manual transmission lessons for beginners (in their cars of… »10/08/14 3:45pm10/08/14 3:45pm

Robb Holland Jumps at the Knockhill Circuit!

This is Robb Holland attacking Knockhill circuit during BTCC practice this weekend. Robb is the first American in decades to compete in the British Touring Car Championship and I think is the first American to ever run the full the season. He's definitely the first American to score points in the BTCC since the great… »8/24/14 5:42pm8/24/14 5:42pm